Facials for Toning and Smoothing

Mama Mio High Protein Face Fitness Facial
Re-energise the face with this unique facial that includes specific massage techniques to wake up those vital facial supporting muscles. Using powerful antioxidant brighteners rich in Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, the face will be left with a youthful bloom.
1 hour£35
For temporary tightening of the skin and a healthy appearance. This facial uses advanced technology that combines a gentle laser to promote blood circulation with a stimulating mechanical massage to aid lymph drainage.
1 hour£45
Achieve a more enhanced result in a shortenedtreatment time with a unique wave form that contracts and relaxes your muscles.
Individual treatment1 hour£38
Course of 10(payable in advance)£342
CACI Non Surgical Face Lift
A gentle treatment that helps restore your natural facial tone.
Individual Full Facial treatment1 hour£35
Course of 10(payable in advance)£315
Individual Jowl Lift treatment30 minutes£22
Course of 10(payable in advance)£198
No Needle Mesotherapy
Derma Peel with Derma Peel Advanced
The Derma Peel Facial (page 8) is lengthened using products from the Derma Peel Advanced kit which act at a deeper level, stimulating the exfoliation process further.
Individual treatment1 hour 15 minutes£70
Course of 4(payable in advance)£240
Derma Peel with Urban White
Urban White is a revolutionary approach to Skin Lightening. Following the peeling process of the Derma Peel Facial it helps to not only reduce pigmentation on the surface but to re-educate the melanin producing cells in the lower layers to prevent recurrence.
Individual treatment1 hour 15 minutes£70
Course of 4(payable in advance)£240
Derma Peel with Clear Balance
Reduce the appearance of blackheads and open pores, and tackle the problems associated with oily skin. This treatment, suitable for non-inflamed skins, is designed to inhibit the over production of sebum and prevent the blockage of pores which can lead to the outbreak of acne.
Oily skins with an outbreak of acne should be treated to help clear infection with the Clear Balance Facial, prior to progressing to the above treatment.
1 hour 15 minutes£70
Soften fine lines and wrinkles with this facial specifically designed to repair sun-damaged and older skins. By boosting the levels of hyaluronic acid in the lower layers of the skin the complexion is left toned with an instant lift and the increased hydration levels can also improve the effectiveness of other facial treatments.
1 hour£58
Course of 3(payable in advance)£155
Global Lift
Improve the appearance of sagging skin and jowls and redefine the cheeks with this revolutionary antiageing facial which uses an award-winning peptide to reverse cellular ageing. An ideal facial for those wishing to restore youthful facial contours.
1 hour£70
Course of 3(payable in advance)£190
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A complimentary appointment can always be made for you to discuss any of the treatments in more detail with one of our therapists. Please note, a consultation for any advanced procedures carried out by Dr Brien or Dr Patel will incur a £30 charge, this can be redeemed against the cost of your procedure if booked.